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JazzConnexion Testimonials
“The Jazz ConneXion made our birthday party. Set it apart from all the others. Many people mentioned it. You guys are great.”

“I like your versatility. From dance to background. Good stuff.”

— AH, LA

“You set the perfect tone and ambiance for our realtor’s manager’s function.”

— MA, LA

“Hard to believe it’s been 4 years at Pasta Moon. People absolutely love to have you here, including staff, and diners both in the restaurant and bar.”


“I like the piano player best. He’s fantastic, and the other guys are OK too.”

— MN, Reno

“You guys are really good. Really. I don’t think you know how good you are.”

— SU, LA

“Thank you again and again for everything, including providing the MC function. Charsette is unbelievable. It all came off extremely well. I’m so glad the studio recommended you to us for our wedding reception.”

— S-A, SM

“Where did you find that woman!”

— BJ, VT

“You more than delivered on your promise.”

— GX, Agent, SM

“Johnny’s vocals make me feel like I’m in the Algonquin Hotel lounge.”

— CH, LA