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The Jazz ConneXion plays jazz, standards, bop and blues at private parties, charitable events, restaurants, receptions, corporate events and other venues – black tie to backyard barbeque though we tend toward the former. Our music swings, and we can be bold and central. We also know how to whisper in the background when the primary mission of the function is to promote conversation and the social or business agenda – where one too often hears ‘the music was too loud.’ You will not hear that about the Jazz ConneXion, because our mission is to support your function, lifting it above the ordinary, whether it is this intimate gathering or driving a bigger sound suitable for dancing.

The Jazz ConneXion centers on a core group of three: Dale Nesbitt on piano/keyboard, Bill Hockett on acoustic bass, and John Sylvester on the tenor and alto saxophones as well as vocals. Where the quartet or larger is more appropriate we easily add top percussion, additional vocal, vibes, horns and/or guitar. Our format is flexible to fit the sound perfectly to the situation.

We keep our fees competitive, and select our engagements with care so that we can concentrate our art and skill on appropriate and appreciative venues.

To discuss how the Jazz ConneXion might enhance your function and for a current schedule of events please call Bill at (650) 948-6637 or email